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Crawl Spaces St. Louis, Missouri

damaged concrete foundation of a house

The team at St Louis Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Gurus offers comprehensive solutions to all of your crawl space issues, whether you’re looking to install or repair damaged sump pumps, have crawl space water damage, or are interested in waterproofing, we can fix it all. Allow our seasoned professionals to arrive at your property, conducting extensive inspections on your crawl space and foundation, ready to perform premium services that will keep your home in top shape. Using industry expertise and high-quality tools and equipment, we guarantee the work we do on your crawl space will continue serving you for years to come.

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    Crawl Space Services

    Having a crawl space at home can be a great addition to any property, but oftentimes this underground area can be susceptible to a range of damaging influences. Through our many years working in this industry, our team has become savvy at identifying crawl space problem signs, with everything from mold and mildew growth, foundation sinking and cracking, and water damage, we not only identify these potentially dangerous issues but we work hard to repair all damage that has occurred. Don’t let your crawl space damage become a serious threat to the structural stability of your property, we are the team you can trust with your home repair services.


    Professional Inspections and Consultations

    One of the best ways you can maintain a safe and secure home is to select our team to perform extensive inspections around your crawl space and property foundation areas. We have built our company over the years, working with countless homes in the local region assessing the current condition crawl spaces. We work diligently to identify any existing damage or potential areas that are a cause for concern. By working proactively, our team allows you to have true peace of mind your home, and family, are kept safe living in a home that has no underlying crawl space and foundational issues.


    Crawl Space Water Damage Repair

    Water damage to any part of your home can be devastating to the integrity of your property's’ structure and overall appearance of your house. Not only does moisture introduce harmful mildew and mold growth into the interior of your living environment, but water damage and flooding can quickly deteriorate your crawl space area. Our team is available to perform professional repair services that involve removing all damaged foundation materials, repairing broken or non-functioning drainage points, and installing pipes for better draining to help keep your home dry, safe, and secure in the future.


    Concrete Slab Foundation Lifting

    Not only is our team of foundation repair experts committed to working diligently to repair all crawl space and foundation damage but we provide high-quality services offered at some of the best local prices in the St Louis area. One of the reasons clients love working with us is because we are the number one, most trusted team of contractors able to find a solution to any foundation issue. If your crawlspace is experiencing soil shifting or support beam weakening, chances are you’ll notice signs of foundation lifting. Allow our team to perform efficient and effective repair operations that level your foundation and return complete structural stability to your crawl space.


    How Can a Crawl Space Moisture Barrier Help You? 

    The moisture barrier is either a solid plastic membrane or rigid foil sheet which effectively prohibits moisture from entering the crawl space from outside. Crawl space repair near me humidity generally comes from three basic sources, including outdoor air coming into the crawl space through the crawl space grout vents, external water infiltration through the soil around the house, and natural moisture from the earth. If any of these three sources are present, the moisture will penetrate the barrier and enter the home's living spaces. This can create problems with the heating and cooling systems, plumbing systems, and electrical systems in the home. Further damage can be done by destroying the wooden frames around the house, disturbing the soil around the foundation, and creating structural damage to the house.


    Moisture Buildup

    Moisture buildup in crawl spaces (under house) comes from outside weather, such as rain, melting snow, dew, or even plants and grass clippings. However, leaks from outside sources are not the only source of moisture problems in crawl spaces. Even when there is no exterior water leakage, excess humidity from the inside can cause floors, walls, and foundations to spring a leak. Although building codes don't require any sort of structural maintenance on a regular basis, it is advisable to occasionally check for leaks and moisture barriers. Serious building problems resulting from leaks can usually be fixed with the proper materials and repairs. However, preventing and fixing leaks is much less expensive and time-consuming.


    Helps against Condensation

    In areas where condensation has formed on the floors and walls, the crawl space moisture barrier can help prevent leaks. This barrier provides an additional layer of protection between the floor and walls. It also keeps the moisture from reaching the ceilings, insulation, and attic. Cracks in foundation walls are another area where a moisture barrier can prevent structural damage. Cracks in crawl space floor boards can allow water to seep under the protective layer and into the walls and floors below.


    Prevents Mold and Mildew

    Mold and mildew growing in crawl spaces can also be remedied using a mold and mildew killing vapor barrier. These harmful organisms are invisible to the naked eye, making them very difficult to detect. A moisture barrier will either directly block moisture or indirectly block spores from spreading and creating mold and mildew.


    Water Damage

    One of the most common causes of leaks in crawl spaces is water damage. Water damage can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Once mold and mildew are established, they can become quite a problem, especially if leaks are allowed to persist. Mold and mildew killing crawl space moisture barrier will help stop leaks and protect the walls and floors from mold and mildew.

    Mold and mildew killing vapor barrier may serve two purposes. First, it will help prevent the onset of mold growth. In many cases, leaks are not always caused by a surface on which water has built up. Sometimes, they are caused by poorly designed ventilation systems or by water leaking from underlying floor or ceiling foundations. By installing a mold and mildew killing barrier, you can reduce the chances of leaks on your own as well as eliminate mold growth on your own or with the help of a professional.

    The second purpose of a crawl space moisture barrier may be more important to some homeowners than the prevention of leaks. That's because some builders choose to ignore this key role of a sealing and waterproofing system. Instead of focusing on sealing off the area completely, they focus on improving the ventilation around the building. They may install a number of efficient air movement solutions that accomplish that goal, but they often leave the crawl space floors and roofs sealed off from the outside environment.



    Sealants are available in a variety of types, materials and configurations. Some are available in rigid plastic material that is installed on the surface of the foundation and others are available in sheets or membranes that fit around the perimeter of the foundation. Still others come in tiles that are placed on the interior surface of the foundation. If you have a crawl space that connects to the outside through an opening, you may consider using a sheet material moisture barrier. The material will protect the floor from moisture damage and the waterproofing benefits the floor, walls and ceiling.