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St Louis Foundation Repair Gurus

Foundation Repair, St Louis MO

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The team at St Louis Foundation Repair Gurus is proud to be the number one, most trusted name for all things professional home maintenance and foundation repairs. We have spent years working in this industry, upgrading homes with high-quality services designed to remedy a range of problems experienced from ground-level, up. Always working to a high standard, we guarantee our services will continue benefiting your home with structurally sturdy floors and aesthetically pleasing finishes.

Don’t wait if you’re faced with drainage issues, crawl space problems, or foundational cracks, we are the team you can trust with your home.

About Us

When the unexpected occurs and you’re looking at serious damage to your property, the time to act is now. The qualified contractors of St Louis Foundation Repair Gurus are here with a range of services designed to repair and restore your home to optimal condition, with everything from piers and beams services, basement remodeling, foundational crack repairs there is nothing we can’t do to keep you safe and comfortable at home. By selecting our seasoned professionals for your property maintenance projects, you’ll not only receive work from a highly-skilled team of repair gurus but you’ll be treated to the exceptional customer service that we are known for.

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    Our Services

    We provide this city’s most extensive range of home repair services, perfect for when you’re ready to get your property maintenance projects underway. We have built our company locally, and over this time we have continued to upgrade homes across the St Louis area with high-quality services that include everything from foundational crack repair, basement and crawl space remodeling, sump pump services, and more. Performing fast and reliable work, you can count on us to provide outstanding workmanship that is guaranteed to repair and restore your home to a safe and comfortable condition.

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    Piers & Beams

    Piers and beams are a standard element in the construction of structurally sturdy foundations, and if you’re in need of services to fix and repair your floors, we are here to help. Using a smart combination of state of the art equipment and high-quality support piers and beams, we are able to replace any damaged beams, and repair all issues so that your foundation remains incredibly strong and durable from the moment we conclude our work, and for years to come.

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    Sumps Pumps

    When it comes to services involving sumps pumps, our qualified team is the number one, most knowledgeable contractors in the city. We understand the complex installation, repair, and replacement techniques to keep your property in top shape. If you’re looking for fully functional drainage systems with sump pumps that are installed by the best in the business, our experts are here to help. We operate using industrial-grade pumps and products so that you’ll continue appreciating our workmanship for years to come.

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    If you’re in need of professional basement foundation repairs or are considering remodeling your basement area, our team is this one you need for the best outcome. We provide comprehensive services that are designed to remedy a range of problems you may be facing in your basement, whether it’s water damage, foundation cracks, or other issues we have the solutions you need. Don’t wait to remodel your basement or add a beautiful egress system, you can trust us to deliver exceptional basement results.

    “After our latest extreme weather conditions, I had noticed a slight mildew smell in my basement. Worried about internal water damage, I contacted the team at St Louis Foundation Repair Gurus as I had heard about their fantastic reputation. Not only did this team come straight to my home, but they were the most hardworking team, working to find the source of my water damage and perform quick repairs to my pipes. I am so grateful to this fantastic repair team.” -Taylor J

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    “It’s so important to me to keep my home as safe as possible for the comfort of my family. When I realized that my support piers and beams had become unstable, I knew I had to select the most reputable contractors for the job. The team at St Louis Foundation Repair Gurus was incredible, working hard to repair my property with complex techniques and tools. I cannot recommend this outstanding team more.” -Jenny M

    water pump installed in the basement

    “I knew when I purchased my home that it was a true fixer-upper. Little did I know how extensive the cracks were in my foundation, I was unsure how to even begin to fix this huge issue. Luckily, I was recommended the services of St Louis Foundation Repair Gurus. This team inspected my foundation and was able to achieve a full restoration of my floors and walls. Thanks so much, team.” -Paul D

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    Foundation Repair

    Your foundation is one of the most vital elements in your home, if you’re suffering from foundational cracks, sinking, or concrete slab lifting, our team is here to help. We work proactively to address all existing damage while also identifying the source of the problems so that your foundation will not only offer you the exceptional support you need today but will continue enhancing your life at home for many years to come.

    old house's concrete basement is replacing

    Crawl Spaces

    One of the best ways you can continue enjoying a safe and functional crawl space is to invest in professionals if you’re in need of foundation maintenance or repairs. We arrive at your property fully equipped with a range of tools and high-quality construction materials necessary to repair a variety of issues. Whether you’re looking for crawl space water damage repair, sealed crawl space servicing, or other professionals foundation fixes, our qualified contractors have all the skills and services you need for a job well done.

    Insulation of attic with foam insulation

    Foundational Cracks

    Our professionals work committed to finding the source of your foundational cracks while offering the best solutions to remedy all apparent issues in your flooring. We use a conjunction of quality equipment with expert repair techniques to return structural stability to your foundation while also sealing all cracks to keep your home looking beautiful, too. For services that improve the quality of your foundation and the appearance of your home, we are the team you need.

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    Contact Us Today

    When you’re ready to get your home maintenance underway with the number one, most trusted company in the business, we are here to help. Contact the team at St Louis Foundation Repair Gurus to find out more about our fantastic range of repair services and how we can completely fix any problems you may be facing at home. Call us using our main contact number listed on our website, from your first contact with our expert contractors you’ll be treated to in-depth information on the best ways we can address your foundation issues and perform extensive repairs to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible, at home.