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Basement Repair St. Louis, Missouri

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Your basement is an important part of your home, and if cracks or foundation damage has occurred our team has the services you need to restore your home back to top condition. Our team has served countless homes with comprehensive basement repair services, no matter if it’s concrete cracks, foundation lifting, or water damage, we have the experience and tools needed for an exceptional final product. Our professional basement gurus perform high-quality work, transforming all visible basement, crawlspace, and foundation damage to a like-new condition while also enhancing your home with additional waterproofing in our outstanding basement remodeling.

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    Basement Services

    When you’ve decided to get your basement renovations underway, you’re making a smart investment into the quality of your home and also the quality of your life at home. Having a functional basement is a fantastic way to extend the amount of useable area at home, but any space that lies below the surface level of your home can be susceptible to damage. With our team, we provide comprehensive basement services that can repair foundation damage such as drainage issues, water damage, cracks, and lifting that may be present in your basement foundation. No matter the size of the repair projects you need for your basement, our professional workmanship and expertise are guaranteed to remedy all situations.


    Basement Remodeling and Waterproofing

    One of the reasons clients love working with us is because we take time to understand exactly how our services will benefit your home, whether you’re looking for additional foundation drainage systems, or are after a great way to waterproof your basement, we have all the answers you need. We specialize in basement remodeling for new home constructions and for existing basement structures, improving the water drainage systems and waterproof nature of your foundation. Don’t let water damage occur to your property, we are here with all the skills and services you need for the most protected property.


    Basement Cracks and Sinking Repair

    In working with our qualified contractors, you’ll quickly see the benefits of working with experienced professionals. Our high-quality workmanship and state of the art equipment make us a sensible decision to complete your basement repairs with the greatest results. Basement foundation cracks and sinking can occur as the earth beneath your property shifts, and if you’ve noticed cracks appearing, it’s essential you reach out to our team. When we come to your home to work in your basement, we arrive equipped with all the construction materials and repair solutions you need for a complete basement restoration.


    Egress Systems

    Egress system installation is a fantastic way to provide light, ventilation, and access points to your basement area. Our team is proud to offer egress system St. Louis MO services to homes looking to upgrade their basement areas by opening up their homes. We provide professional project management as we construct an entry/exit point to your basement, allowing for natural light to pour in while also complying with all safety standards. We emphasis visual aesthetically and functionality as we improve your basement area with exceptional egress systems, guaranteed to improve the overall quality of your home.


    Basement Waterproofing

    If you see water leaking from your basement, trying Basement waterproofing might be your only shot at saving your home. But you'll quickly discover that there are various options in basement waterproofing systems or repairs designed specifically to solve the issue, and opinions as to which one is truly the most effective. But before you go any further with choosing a system, there are some benefits that you should be aware of. This article will discuss a few key benefits that will make waterproofing your basement's a top priority. By understanding them, you can make better decisions that will ultimately help you save money and time on future waterproofing efforts.

    First off, let's start with a list of some of the more obvious benefits. Waterproofing your basement is, in fact, a very good idea, and the following benefits are fairly self-explanatory... We'll address two of the more important aspects of waterproofing your home below... Get the facts here!


    • Waterproofing your home will prevent leaks from occurring. Leaks and cracks are a direct cause of water damage to your home, and a waterproofing system will prevent these leaks and cracks from occurring. It's not a pretty sight when a water leak seeps into your basement or starts to expand while you're attempting to dry off your belongings. Basement waterproofing will prevent this type of leak and crack from happening, and if you live in an area with seasonal weather changes, such as heavy rains, a waterproofing system can be a life saver.


    • By preventing leaks and cracks from occurring, waterproofing will also prevent small leaks from occurring in the first place. Cracks and leaks will eventually appear throughout any structure, and sometimes it can take some time before a small crack becomes noticeable. In areas where water rises above the surface of the soil (sump pumps, for instance), cracks may occur sooner, and drainage may be an issue. If you notice any type of crack or leak in your home, make an appointment with a waterproofing company at once.


    • When water proofing your home, you also protect the structural integrity of the building itself. As mentioned earlier, a major problem with leaks and cracks is the potential for water to get inside the building through cracks and crevices in the walls. Water proofing systems will seal up these cracks and crevices, giving the building added protection against water damage. This can be very important when considering the safety and longevity of your home.


    • Along with protecting yourself and your family, waterproofing systems can also benefit your landscaping. While it's not a good thing to have standing water on your landscaping, excess moisture can do damage to landscaping by eroding the soil around foundations and walls. You'll find that if your home has a wet basement, this may be a major issue... especially around crawlspaces and basements. Gutters, rain gutters, and sump crock are all forms of waterproofing systems that are designed to keep excess moisture away from the foundation, walls, and landscaping. It's a very affordable and practical way to protect your investment in your home.


    • Basement waterproofing systems will also benefit your decks. Waterproofing your decks will prevent rotting and mold buildup, which can add years to the life of your deck. Leaks in concrete decks can also be a health issue... especially for children. It's often difficult to tell whether or not your deck needs waterproofing, especially in wet climates. Decks that have drainage openings will need to be sealed off to avoid problems with mold and mildew.


    • Most DIY homeowners prefer to use an acrylic waterproofing layer over vinyl. This is because the acrylic layer is easier to install than the vinyl alternative, and you can save money by using an acrylic option if you're trying to cut corners. If you are looking to get price savings, though, it's often best to simply install the vinyl first.