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Foundation Repair St. Louis, Missouri

waterproofing the house's foundation

By working with our team for your foundation repairs, you’ll not only receive outstanding workmanship in the residential renovations you receive but you’ll be treated to fantastic repair services that use the best-quality construction materials and equipment. Always performing fast and reliable work, you can count on us to repair your foundation, no matter the type or the extent of the damage. Whether it’s water damage, concrete slab lifting, cracks, or sinking, we have the solutions you need for total foundation restorations that protect your property from potential further damage by trusting us to successfully complete your foundation repair projects.

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    Foundation Repair in St Louis

    Foundation damage is a serious concern to property owners, not only can cracks and concrete lifting look visually unappealing but any damage to your foundation can have serious consequences, causing further damage to the rest of your homes’ structure. Clients come to us for a range of foundation repair St. Louis MO reasons, whether it’s an old, aging home with sinking floors or water damage caused by flooding and internal piping issues, our experienced contractors have all the restoration skills and solutions you need. We are the leading foundation repair professionals in the city and are ready to return your foundation to a structurally sturdy, reliable floor for you to continue enjoying for years to come.


    Foundation Leveling

    Poor soil conditions, extreme weather, or incorrect support beam installation can lead to your foundation shifting, lifting, and cracking. It’s important to rely on qualified contractors to repair your property, our team is eager to help restore your home to a strong, durable condition with a leveled foundation. We provide clients with comprehensive services that result in a stabilized foundation, working with professional attention to detail to achieve an accurate, leveled surface. With us, you’ll continue to recognize the true value of high-quality workmanship as your leveled foundation continues supporting your life at home as the years go on.


    Cracks and Sinking Foundation Repair

    By selecting our team for your foundation repair services, you’ll quickly see the benefits of choosing contractors with years of experience under our belts. There is no foundation cracking or sinking surface we are unable to repair, we work quickly to keep your home safe as we perform professional repair operations. Adding industrial-grade support beams, we use advanced techniques in order to return full structural stability to your foundation while working proactively to preventing any future damage to occur to your foundation.


    Foundation Repair for Areas Around the Home

    One of the reasons clients continue to choose us for their home maintenance and repair work is because we are the number one, most hardworking team in the St Louis area. We bring an impressive array of high-quality equipment and materials to your home, allowing us to perform premium repair work in all areas around your home. Whether you’re looking for complete basement remodeling, crawlspace repair, house leveling, or more we are the team you can count on to treat your entire home with outstanding services, guaranteed to enhance your home for a lifetime.


    The Benefits Of Having Your Own Home Foundation

    Why should one look into residential properties? The benefits of owning an older home are as compelling as they have ever been. Many older houses are situated in established communities with long term, local homeowners that care deeply about the community. Close location - Old houses are located close to local shopping, recreation, and other popular spots. This is a major factor in why residential properties are always a great buy.

    In addition to the benefits listed above, a house foundation has the ability to hold up over time and continue to look great for years. The biggest issue a homeowner may encounter with their home is if their foundation is in need of repair or replacement. There are several ways to address basement foundation problems ranging from do it yourself, to professional house foundation repair.

    Do it yourself foundation repairs can be performed on your own by researching your local building codes to determine what is required to ensure your home is safe. If you can perform these repairs yourself, it would probably be cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you. However, I would not recommend this option. When soil is pumped around a home it moves in different ways. Not all soils are the same.

    A majority of older homes have uneven floors, which cause wall cracks and gaps. These cracks and gaps allow rainwater to seep under the floorboards, which will cause expansion and eventual failure of the floor. Uneven floors also make it more difficult for people to move quickly and comfortably throughout a home.

    One other benefit of repairing your own foundation is that it is more affordable than getting a new home built with a concrete foundation. Even if you do decide to hire a contractor to repair your own foundation, you can save money if you choose to do it yourself. If you find a reputable company to help you repair your foundation you might be able to save several hundred dollars, even if you pay a little more to have the contractors install the foundation ramps. Many of the residential and commercial buildings constructed in the last decade were constructed with poured concrete foundations.

    Many homeowners want to have a foundation that is aesthetically pleasing as well as durable. They are often interested in having an innovative design or creative use for their home's exterior. In recent years many consumers have purchased homes with concrete piers as their exterior foundation. These pier foundations can be attractive, but they can also be expensive to install. A 1 Engineering offers residential as well as commercial customers the opportunity to purchase pre-fabricated steel foundation pilings made from A-frame sections. These pre-fabricated steel foundations can be assembled very quickly, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of a professional foundation without having to pay the associated costs.

    A-1 Engineering is the leading provider of residential and commercial foundations for all types of structures. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your home foundation or other repair needs please visit our website today. You can learn more about concrete repair, piers, and more. You can even schedule a free consultation with a structural engineer to determine your next steps.